Zainab Dayibekova: We will stick to the achieved bar

Yesterday, the NOC held a press conference on the occasion of their triumphant performance.

The event was attended by Secretary General of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan Gulnara Saidova, coach of our national team, 3-time Olympic champion Vladimir Nazlymov, fencers who defended the honor of our country at the recent World Cup, young athletes and media workers.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zainab Dayibekova shared her impressions:

"The team category was more difficult than single competitions. Because there we are fighting not only for ourselves, but also for the honor of our team. In previous competitions, we have never been the first in the team program. This victory gave us even more strength. Now we will try to keep to this achieved bar. On behalf of our team, I want to thank our state, which creates all the conditions for us to participate in prestigious competitions."

The coach of the team, Vladimir Nazlymov, noted that the current generation is predicting a serious prospect for themselves, having made a worthy competition in the international sports arena.

"The changes that are currently taking place in our Federation show results. The conditions created in Uzbekistan do not exist in all countries of the world. They can be found only in the leading sports powers. The achievement of our goals depends only on ourselves”" said 3-time Olympic champion Nazlymov.

During the conference, journalists received answers to their questions about the team's plans for the future.


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