"You can't turn back time." Will the new season be dedicated for Jasur Yakhshiboev? What did the player say in the interview?

In the new season, FC Navbahor will be mentioned among the favorites again. Because the squad is as strong as ever. After all, there is a player who scored a goal for the number one club in the world like FC Real Madrid!

Jasur Yakhshiboev is a performer who entered the history of Uzbek football. The midfielder, who joined the Namangan team in the second half of last season, will start the new season again in FC Navbahor. This player fully participated in the training session of the team in Antalya. On the way back from the trip, we talked with Yakhshiboev at Antalya airport. The player first spoke about the training camp.

- We had a good camp. We worked more physically. We also played against serious opponents in friendly matches. Playing with strong teams will be beneficial in every way. We saw our good and bad sides in these games.

- You played for FC Navbahor last year. During this time, the club won 2nd place and a ticket to the Asian Champions League. Are you satisfied with everything or...

- The goal of our team in 2022 was the championship. We set high goals both in the championship and in the Cup. But we could not fulfill our mission. We had to win the championship with such a team. We lost points in the games ourselves. This prevented us from becoming champions.

good 2

- But FC Navbahor returned to the Asian arena after a long break and will participate in the Champions League. Before that, you played in the European Champions League. Now it's time for AFC. What do you expect from this tournament?

- The Asian Champions League is a good tournament. There will be games with strong teams. After a long year, FC Navbahor entered the Champions League. This is a big holiday for Namangan. We play for FC Navbahor and its fans. We will try to please the people of Namangan in the Asian Champions League.

- You are a player who played in the European Champions League, and by scoring a goal against FC Real Madrid you took a place in the history of Uzbek football. Do you remember that goal often?

- This is now history. Anyway, we have to try to show our good side again. First of all, I strive to be a useful player for FC Navbahor and the team. That's right, I remember that goal. But this is history now, time cannot be turned back. You just need to move forward.

well done

- Can you say that the goal I scored against FC Real Madrid became my business card?

- I didn't know. I wonder how to answer this question. I think this is also a history in itself. Playing in the European Champions League and scoring a goal against Real Madrid is still different. It's what every football player dreams of. I dreamed of such moments in my time. As it was written on my fate, it came true.

- After that, will you continue to follow FC Real and especially Courtois?

- I used to see it even before that. I am actually interested in FC Barcelona.

- So, even though you were happy then...

- It is possible to say so.

- We heard that after the championship, Yakhshiboev has options from abroad, he can leave. But we see that you are in FC Navbahor again. Could you really step aside? Or did you decide to start this year's season again in FC Navbahor?

- My decision was not firm. If you remember, I was injured when I came to FC Navbahor. That injury also prevented me from leaving. I missed a lot of games. Before I came to FC Navbahor, I did not have enough game practice. I got injured again. In fact, there were options from outside, but injuries and not playing enough prevented me. This year, Samvel Babayan expressed confidence again. I will try to show myself this year.

good 3

- If it's not a secret, which clubs had serious offers for you? Which one interested you the most?

- If I talk about it, there will be a lot of talks. God willing, we will know what the option is in the middle or at the end of the year.

- Jasur, can you say that "Season-2023" is dedicated to me, I can have my say in this championship?

- Every player goes through this. They say that I have to be great this year, I have to become the number one player. Anyway, these things give confidence to any player. We will try to benefit my team and score goals. Everyone has a big goal. You have to work for it. It's all about action. We will do our best to help the team and bring it to better places.


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