"You can only dream of working with him, in time I will have the opportunity to return to Uzbekistan" or a specialist who worked in Uzbekistan Super League is coaching Iniesta

Miguel Alvarez Sanchez. The 41-year-old Spanish expert is familiar with Uzbek football. Last year he worked at Surkhon. At first he became an assistant coach, then he became the head coach.

At the moment, Miguel Alvarez is working in the Emirates club in the UAE Championship. Alvarez, who is closely assisting the head coach, is now working with one of the world stars, Andres Iniesta.

Yesterday Sports.uz journalist Shukhratbek Juraev contacted Miguel Alvarez.

- Mr. Alvarez, we remember you well through your work at Surkhon. You recently started working at the UAE club "Emirates". Do you like new challenges and adventures?

- No, it wasn't about money. I have been working in football science for 11 or even 12 years. That is, I am busy studying football knowledge. We worked in Saudi Arabia, USA, Maldives and won League and Cup matches there. In addition, I have been working in big clubs. If it were up to me, I would stay in the Middle East. Because I know leagues very well. I am also familiar with the culture of these countries. Therefore, it would be easier for me in this regard. I even had a chance to sign a contract with a German club in March. But my daughter had to come and be operated here. So I decided to stay. In addition, we could sign a contract with the Uzbekistan club in February. We came close to it. But everything went differently. I could not go due to personal problems. I had to stay with my daughter and family.

- Yesterday, Iniesta also moved to the Emirates Club. Have you ever thought about working with such a world football star?

- I love this star very much. You can only dream of being a coach of players like Iniesta. Thank God it happened. I am glad to have him in our team and to support him. I can even learn a lot from such a player. Because such a big star can help you through his experiences. This is very important. It is important that we not only coach him but also learn from him. Because Iniesta is a world-class player.


- What do you remember most about Surkhon and your activities in Uzbekistan?

- I always remember these times. Surkhon is a great club. Your people are so wonderful. We were tasked to stay in the Super League and we achieved it. We were able to unite with all the guys towards one goal. They believed in me and in themselves. We were able to do it. This was also important for me as a coach. It's a great experience. Great opportunities will prepare the ground for you to make your career better in the future. I am happy to see the current "Surkhan" gaining its position in the Super League. God willing, I hope to have the opportunity to return one day.

I have always considered Uzbekistan to be one of the strongest leagues in Asia. Of course, this continent has giant leagues like Japan and Saudi Arabia. But I can say that Uzbekistan is among the best leagues after them. In recent years, the football organization, the football association, and the referees have worked together better and are doing great things to further improve the status of the league. I hope they can continue on the same path and at this pace.

- So, are you actively following Surkhon?

- Yes, I always follow the Uzbekistan Super League. You never know what will happen in the future. Maybe we will return to the Super League of Uzbekistan. That's why I watch Super League all the time. I am always in touch with the players I worked with. I am glad that they are doing well. Surkhon fans must also be happy with the current state of the team. I think they have the right to expect more from their team. I wish them luck.


- If you have the opportunity, would you return to Uzbekistan?

- As I have always said, my desire was to continue. But everything turned out differently. As I mentioned, I had a good offer in February of this year. There was one step left, but I could not go due to personal problems and we did not sign the contract. But I believe that one day I will have the opportunity to work in Uzbekistan again. I love this country, its culture, its people. The league is also very competitive. I will be the first person to be happy if I get a chance to work.

- Angel Lopez, who worked with you in Surkhan, is currently working in Cyprus. Why didn't you go with him this time too?

- First of all, I would like to thank Angel, who was the reason for this opportunity. That's why I came to Uzbekistan. In the end, after he left, I had the opportunity to manage the team for a while. We managed to achieve a good result. Angel hasn't spoken to me since he left the club. Anyway, I thank him for making me go to Uzbekistan.


- During your career in Uzbekistan, which coach did you like the most?

- This question is a bit difficult to answer. Because as a coach, I know well how difficult the work of other coaches is and that their style of play is different, everyone has their own style and views. I respect them very much. That's why it's hard for me to single out someone, distinguish between strengths and weaknesses. But I don't remember his name, the coach of the Olympic team played a good game (Temur Kapadze. author). He formed a good team with players aged 21 and 23. His playing style was unique. I discovered good coaching for myself. But other pros in the league have their own strengths. Each has its own advantage.

- Besides Iniesta, which other famous players or coaches have you worked with in your career?

- I worked with many players. But, of course, there was no one like Inesta. We know that Iniesta was the only one in history. During my career as well. I worked with Alvaro Negredo. In addition, I worked with players such as Valencia, Romarino, Markinos, and Thiago. I was able to work with many players from the team that played and beat Argentina in the Saudi Arabia World Cup. I also worked with Jimenez from Argentina and Herve Renard, one of the senior coaches. I managed to work in"Bolivar and Ittikhod clubs. I learned a lot from all of them. I also worked with Marko Stanojevic, who plays for Nasaf. He is still playing for Nasaf. I am working with a player like Iniesta for the first time, he is the first. But to compare the level of Iniesta, you take Messi or Ronaldo, right?


- Do you think Iniesta is still strong at his age or...

- His performance in training is unbelievable. Not only in football, but also in human nature. A player who has a positive impact on the team. Of course, you cannot expect the game of a 20-year-old player from a 38-year-old player. However, it also has its advantages. However, during the training process, you will notice that he is a special player. I think he will help us a lot. As long as Iniesta is in our team, we should act as if one person is playing a lot. You can simply enjoy his movements during training. The way he touches the ball, the way he runs and the way he plays football can drive you crazy. As a coach, I am always ready to help and support him. I am a coach and in the end I have to give him instructions. I'm trying to do my job. I am learning more than that.


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