What are the overall statistics of Navbahor in the national championship?

Namangan Club Navbahor is one of the regular 2 participants (along with Pakhtakor)of the Cuperliga (higher league) since the foundation of our national championship.

In the 32 championships that fell behind, "Navbahor" scored 932 runs, recording 433 wins, 198 draws, 301 losses, and scored 1,502 runs at the opponents ' goal, with 1,076 runs off his own goal.

The total points scored by the namangans in the 1992-2023 Championship matches is 1,497. 

Among the 40 teams that have so far competed in the Super League (higher league)in the history of our national championships behind, the Falcons are only behind Tashkent's Pakhtakor (total points 2057) and Fergana's Neftchi (total points 1622) in terms of total points.

The total points scored by the fourth tier club Nasaf (side) is 1,436.


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