Weightlifters of Uzbekistan finished the World Cup with 12 medals

On the final day of the world championship in the weight category over 109 kg, our compatriot Mirkhosil Mirzaboyev, who won 3 silver medals, rose to the podium.

The fight for the championship title in this weight took place between the Iranian Alireza Yusufi and the Uzbek athlete Mirzaboyev. But Yusufi's advantage in the snatch exercise was quite high, and this brought the representative of Iran forward. Mirkhosil Mirzaboyev showed a result of 176 kg in the snatch, 212 kg in the clean and jerk and 388 kg in the sum of two exercises.

U-20 Weightlifting World Cup:
Guys, +109 kg:
1. Alirizo Yusufi (Iran) – 416 (177+239) kg;
2. Mirkhosil Mirzaboyev (Uzbekistan) – 388 (176+212) kg;
3. Bogdan Taranenko (Ukraine) – 374 (167+204) kg.

Thus, the national team of Uzbekistan completed the world championship with 5 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals.


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