"We want to go to the group stage and bring the atmosphere of the Champions League to Namangan. We have enough potential for this" - Otabek Samatov

Navbahor, which has big tasks ahead of it, is waiting for more serious games ahead. As you know, the most central match of the 16th round of the Super League - the competition between Navbahor and Pakhtakor has caused great excitement as expected. But in this match, Namangan's lost to Pakhtakor 1:2, and naturally, this situation hurt thousands of Namangan fans. Navbahor, which is seriously fighting for the championship, lost to its main competitor at home and passed Pakhtakor.

That's why we contacted Otabek Samatov, vice-president of Navbahor club. The expert first talked about defeat.

"Definitely, the defeat hurt everyone. We wanted to make the fans happy by winning the team, but we were not lucky. Still, there are games ahead to make things right. You see, now there is no ordinary opponent. Both coaches and players in the team have a clear goal. Now we all have to work together towards the goal, there is no other way."

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After this defeat of Navbahor, various rumors began to spread among the fans. More precisely, there are long rumors about the possible resignation of the head coach of the team, Samvel Babayan. Naturally, at such a time, the vice president of the Navbahor club commented on such statements: 

"Samvel Babayan is also trying his best. I think it would be a bad decision to leave the coach now. On the contrary, it is necessary to seriously prepare for each game by supporting them now. God willing, we will definitely achieve our goal. There is no other way. The team has enough potential for this.

As you can see, there is no need to talk about it and Babayan continues his work in the club. There are more important meetings ahead. Especially, there is a game in the playoffs of the Asian Champions League. What is the goal set for Navbahor in AFC Champions League? Otabek Samatov answered:

"In Navbahor, the main task is always to set the highest goals in the competitions in which each of our teams participates.

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Of course, we have a chance to qualify for the group stage by participating in the international arena, and the coach of our team, Samvel Babayan, has a lot of experience in the international arena. Our players invited to the club also have enough experience on the international field. God willing, we want to participate in a worthy way.

Here we won the match against Aral in the Uzbekistan Cup. We want to take part in the Cup. In general, we want to achieve success on all fronts in which we participate. We have the capacity and strength for this. Now we will continue preparing for the OChL match. We will try our best to bring the atmosphere of the Asian Champions League to Namangang in the group stage. As I said above, we have enough potential for this.

I would also like to say a big thank you to all our passionate fans who will not leave our team alone in any situation, which is the only one in Asia. May you never get tired of using our team, and may you be lucky to achieve the goal together with the team.

On behalf of our team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shavkat Shakirjanovich, the governor of the region and the president of the regional football association, who are creating all the conditions for the development of football in Namangan," says Otabek Samatov.


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