Wait for Urunov in official matches!

The teams of the Russian Premier League are preparing for the second part of the championship. Oston Urunov together with the players FC Ufa  holds winter training camps in the Turkish city of Belek.

Bashkirs will be engaged in this collection until January 23.

Russian publications contacted the general director of FC Ufa club Shamil Gazizov and asked about the condition of the injured Ostan Urunov.

Recall that Oston Urunov left the field early, having been injured in the match of the 16th round of the Russian Championship with Spartak, which is his successor in the transfer.

The short conversation looked like this:

- Why is Urunov not visible?

- The most important thing is that he appears on the field. He was wounded in the fall. We hope that the situation will improve. You will see him at official meetings.

- Will he return to the system after the resumption of the championship?

- Of course. There is still work to be done on this.

Indeed, FC Ufa club took the field in a friendly match with the Hungarian Paks in the first friendly match in Turkey. Oston Urunov did not take part in the competition, which ended with a 2-0 victory for the Hungarians.

Trying to recover from injury, our compatriot is mainly engaged in exercises aimed at strengthening physical fitness.

The second test match in Turkey FC Ufa will be held on January 23 against the Russian FC Orenburg, thus completing its first foreign training camp.

21-year-old Oston Urunov is considered one of the most talented players in our country. The career of our compatriot, who moved to the Russian Premier League at the beginning of 2020, as a legionnaire began very well.

Urunov, who successfully played in the FC Ufa within six months, in the summer of 2020, Spartak transferred, providing a five-year contract. Naturally, despite the large number of offers to the Uzbek footballer, Shamil Gazizov took him with him to Spartak.

Later, due to disagreements that arose between Gazizov and the boss of Spartak Leonid Fedun, the activities of Oston Urunov in the Moscow club also turned out to be a big question.

A year and a half has passed since then, but this issue has not yet been resolved. Our compatriot, who then played on loan at Ufa and returned to Spartak again, no longer played for Muscovites. As a result, Shamil Gazizov, who found a place in FC Ufa, at the beginning of the season, rented Ostan Urunov from Spartak for one season, who became his football player.

Ufa residents have the right to a full transfer Stop in the summer for a million euros. To do this, the team needs to keep its place in the Premier League. At the moment, FC Ufa is in the danger zone – 17th place, having scored 16 points in 18 matches.

Shamil Gazizov warned that if Ufa falls into the lower league, the team may be disbanded.

Oston Urunov plays very little because of injuries. This season, our compatriot took part in only seven matches and did not directly participate in scoring situations.

His first match after the winter break” Ufa "will play away against the club on January 27 FC Akhmat.


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