Vadim Abramov: Everyone's goal in the Cup is to reach the final, and that is the task of FC Dinamo as well

Dinamo club of Samarkand recently defeated Pakhtakor with a score of 3:2 and made a sensation by knocking the champion out of the competition.

It was certainly surprising and pleasant for the representative of the Pro League to show such a result. Dinamo head coach Vadim Abramov celebrated his birthday.

- Was the victory of Dinamo over Pakhtakor the most ideal gift for your birthday?

- You know, we had a great first half of that match. It was more difficult in the second half. Anyway, I think we worked according to the plan and that's why we got the victory. The end result was as expected. I must say that our team's schedule in August is quite complicated. We will play three games at home. We will go on a trip and then we will host Olympic in the next round of the Cup. Then we will host Lokomotiv in Samarkand. We are gradually shaping our game and improving our results. Time will tell the rest.

- Everyone considers Dinamo's defeat of Pakhtakor as a sensation. Do you agree with this idea?

- I can't say anything. Everything will be solved in the fall. If we prepare well for this and continue to move forward, everything will go well for us and we will be able to reach our desired goal.


- Dinamo eliminated Pakhtakor from the competition, and what is the main goal of your team in the Cup?

- Of course, we have a goal. All clubs participating in the cup competition have their own goals, including ours. Dinamo's goal in the Cup is clear. Of course, it is not easy. Obviously, everyone wants to go to the finals of the Cup of Uzbekistan and win it. Naturally, this is the desire of Dinamo.

- Pakhtakor lost to Dinamo and then lost to Neftchi in the championship. What do you think, Pakhtakor can't recover after losing the opportunity to Dinamo?

- It is difficult for me to express any opinion on this matter. Because I don't know what's going on inside the club and what's the situation. But there are cases when bad luck in football can happen in a row. It is better to ask the players and management what is going on at the club. As I said, there is always bad luck in football. If you remember, Pakhtakor failed in the first two rounds at the beginning of the championship. After that, Pakhtakor corrected itself and returned to the 1st place.


- Dinamo is one of the leaders in the Pro League and is it ready to return to the Super League?

- From the beginning of the championship, we have been given the task of returning to the Super League. This task is still valid. I believe that we will achieve a good result. If Lokomotiv is the leader, we are on the 2nd place. I hope we will not miss the opportunity. I think that the main battles are still ahead. Everything is in our hands. I believe that we can achieve the task set before us. Everyone in the team is working together to achieve the goal. God willing, we will achieve our goal.


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