Uzbekistan ranks first in final medal table of IBSA Grand Prix Tashkent 2019

Uchkun Kuranbaev, Davurkhan Karomatov, Parvina Samandarova and Nafisa Sheripova earned gold medals for Uzbekistan, while Sherzod Namozov, Shirin Sharipov and Vasila Alibaeva finished second as they claimed silver medals.

Jaloliddin Avazov and Sulaymon Alaev also gained bronze medals in the two-day competition at the Humo Arena Ice Dome.

-66 kg: Uchkun Kuranbaev – gold medal
-81 kg: Davurkhon Karomatov – gold medal

-60 kg: Sherzod Namozov – silver medal
+100 kg: Shirin Sharipov – silver medal

-90 kg: Jaloliddin Avazov – bronze medal
-100 kg: Sulaymon Alaev – bronze medal


-57 kg: Parvina Samandarova - gold medal
-63 kg: Nafisa Sheripova – gold medal

-70 kg: Vasila Alibaeva – silver medal