Uzbek professional muaythai fighter lost controverally in Yekaterinburg

As you know, the Fair Fight tournament was held on November 28 in Yekaterinburg, Russia in cooperation with the ONE Championship of Singapore and the RCC of Russia. Uzbek fighter Mavlud Tifiev also fought in this professional kickboxing tournament. Tifiev, who went to the ring in the lightweight category, lost to the representative of the hosts Kirill Khomutov. This battle caused a great deal of controversy. That is, despite the fact that Tifiev won the battle, the victory was given to the Russian wrestler. After this incident, the managers of Uzber fighter filed an appeal. We contacted him to find out how this situation ended.

- To be honest, all the referees were in the field of kickboxing. I have always been involved in professional muaythai fights. Still, I won the battle. This was also witnessed by those who watched the battle directly. The winner of this clash had to sign a contract with ONE Championship, one of the most prestigious promoters in the world. That is why the attention to the battle was so high. Of course, the hosting factor played a role and they gave him a clear victory. Thankfully, my managers protested and demanded that the fight be reconsidered. After the review, our fight was resumed two months later. That is to say, revenge. The winner of the fight will sign a contract with ONE Championship.


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