UFA President Abdusalom Azizov met with the Kazakh national team

The head of football expressed his opinion about the responsibility of the national team for the upcoming competitions, the need for systematic preparation for them, dedication in every game.

It was emphasized that playing for the national team is a pride for every football player, that the team must remain united, fight for the honor of the Motherland and adequately protect the image of the country in the international arena.

Also, during the conversation with the players and coaches, it was stated that the AFU will provide all the necessary conditions to achieve positive results. A number of the leading players of our team expressed their opinion. Abdusalom Abdumavlonovich wished our team good luck in the upcoming meetings.

In an interview with the coaching staff, Abdusalom Azizov acknowledged the importance of holding friendly matches against strong teams in the preparation process. Srechko Katanes shared his first impressions and feedback about working with our national team. It was stated that special attention should be paid to the physical training of players at regular training sessions in clubs, and it was decided that the teams would be given the necessary instructions in this regard.

Information about the injured players was transmitted by the medical staff, and the AFU President instructed to continue the practice of providing them with the most modern, high-quality medical care.

After that, the national team of Uzbekistan went to Tbilisi to participate in the match against Georgia.


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