UFA held a meeting on an important issue

Yesterday, a meeting was held between the representatives of the FA, UzPFL and the Football Association of Uzbekistan to determine the status of players, to resolve problems with transfers and regulate them. This was reported by the press service of the FA.

It discussed the development of a draft in Uzbekistan "Regulations on the status and transfer of players", which is widely used in foreign countries. These regulations are intended to eliminate difficulties in the transfer of players to the club and possible problems between the players.

For their part, all three sides expressed their views and suggestions on this project. To date, the rights of children's educators, who have made a significant contribution to the development of future stars, have been criticized for not being taken into account. Now, the regulations emphasize the need to protect the interests of children's coaches and young players. It was noted that the coach, who has trained a talented footballer, needs to be systematically encouraged from future transfers. Other parts of the project that need to be included were also discussed.


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