Tursunoy Zhabborova won gold and silver medals of the World Cup

In the final program of the competition day, Tursunoy Zhabborova (-87 kg) recorded the next medals in the asset of the national delegation.

A representative of the Uzbek school of weightlifting conquered 113 kg in the snatch and won a gold medal. In the push, which determined the winner in the overall standings, our representative completed her participation with 131 kg. Zhabborova, who showed a result of 244 kg in the sum of two exercises, rose to the second step of the podium.

The World Weightlifting Championship.
Women, -87 kg:

1. Ankhtsetseg Munkhzhantsan (Mongolia) - 250 (109+141) kg
2. Tursunoy Zhabborova (Uzbekistan) - 244 (113+131) kg
3. Solfrid Koanda (Norway) - 244 (103+141) kg


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