Today, Olympic champions Ruslan Nurudinov and Akbar Juraev will challenge for World Cup gold

Athletes weighing up to 109 kg will enter the platform of the World Weightlifting Championship.

Of course, the focus of many people's attention will be the performances of domestic athletes - record holders and champions of the last two Olympics. Ruslan Nurudinov and Akbar Juraev, who have proved their superiority over the strongest athletes of the planet to the whole world, will contest the award of the highest standard among themselves today. But do not forget that other famous and experienced athletes compete with our compatriots in this weight. For example, two-time world champion, two-time OI silver medalist Simon Martirosyan from Armenia and others. However, experts believe that the main struggle will unfold between the pupils of the Uzbek school of weightlifting.

This program start at 16:00. We call on all fans to support our athletes in the competitions that take place in the Yunusabad sports complex.


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