The national wrestling team of Uzbekistan completed the championship of the continent with 8 medals

Freestyle wrestlers competed in the program of the final day. 

As we reported earlier, 4 out of 5 of our compatriots who came out on the carpet today took part in the stage of the struggle for bronze awards. Bobur Islamov (-86 kg) won an uncompromising duel.

Unfortunately, the winner of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Ihtiyor Navruzov (-74 kg), as well as Ajiniaz Saparniyazov (-92 kg) and Sardorbek Kholmatov (-125 kg) could not defeat their opponents in the fight for bronze medals.

Bronze medal fight:

-74 kg: Ihtiyor Navruzov – Islambek Orozbekov (Kyrgyzstan) 0:11

-86 kg: Bobur Islomov-Sayakbai Usupov (Kyrgyzstan) 6:5

-92 kg: Ajiniyaz Saparniyazov-Wiki Wiki (India) 3:5

-125 kg: Sardorbek Kholmatov-Batmagnai Enkhtuvshin (Mongolia) 12:15

Thus, the national team of Uzbekistan completed the Asian Championship with 2 silver and 6 bronze medals. Domestic wrestlers who have risen to the podium:

Silver medals:

-87 kg: Zhalgasbai Berdimuratov (Greco-Roman wrestling)

-97 kg: Rustam Assakalov (Greco-Roman wrestling)

Bronze medals:

-55 kg: Jasurbek Ortikboev (Greco-Roman wrestling)

-82 kg: Mukhammadkodir Rasulov (Greco-Roman wrestling)

-130 kg: Muminjon Abdullayev (Greco-Roman wrestling)

-50 kg: Jasmina Immayeva (women's wrestling)

-65 kg: Abbos Rakhmonov (freestyle Wrestling)

-86 kg: Bobur Islomov (freestyle Wrestling)


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