The leadership of the Nasaf club is attending an international conference

Alisher Yusupov, director general of Nasaf FC and Kabylie Shodmonov, director of commercial and international relations, are participating in a seminar in Turkey with representatives of Super League and Pro League teams.

Within the framework of the seminar, a seminar will be held for Uzbek specialists on 3 main topics: "selection of players and work with football agents", "Organization of football meetings and work with fans", "Marketing and ticket sales". It is intended to facilitate the preparation of football clubs for the 2024 season and the development of specific plans.

насаф туркия

During the seminars, O'kan Özkan, Tezjan Şayli, Egemen Ergyuden, “Galatasaray” representatives Murat Ersoy, Jenk Ergun, Nachi Jansun, as well as Turkish club unity Secretary General Dr. Chagri First participate with their lectures and presentations.

In order for Uzbek specialists to be able to compare the activities of their club, they will be fully acquainted with the structure of the clubs “Fenerbahçe” and “Galatasaray”, they will be fully presented with the infrastructure of these clubs, their work activities.

It is also planned to establish cooperation with Turkish clubs during the seminar.

Press service of FC Nasaf.


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