"The invitation from the Turkish team came unexpectedly, Arda Turan did not hide his joy that I joined the club" - interview with Jakhongir Urozov, who became a legionnaire

Jakhongir Urozov, a pupil of Bunyodkor club, will continue his career in the Turkish championship.

More precisely, Urozov signed a 5-year contract with Eyupspor in which the famous former star of Turkish football Arda Turan is the head coach. This club currently participates in the first division of Turkey.

Urozov gave an interview to the Sports.uz site.

- Congratulations on your move to a new club. All Uzbek fans were happy about it. When was this offer made? Tell us about the process of your transfer to the Turkish club.

- After the Asian and World Championships, offers came from many countries. There were invitations from the clubs of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Qatar. However, the negotiations did not reach the end. The offer from the Turkish team came unexpectedly. I must say that I liked this offer. As a result, I am in the Eyupspor team.

- What are your first impressions of your new team and what are your goals when you get here?

- They welcomed me very warmly in the team. My goal is not to stay at this club for long. My intention is to play successfully in one of the European teams.


- Arda Turan, a well-known ex-player from Turkey, is the head coach of your new team. How was your first meeting with him? That is, what were you asked about most in the interview?

- Our conversation was not very long. Professional coaching is felt. He did not hide his happiness that I joined the team.

- Which number did you choose in Eyupspor and what conditions were created for you? Also, why a 5-year contract?!

- I chose number 44. For now, I have a place in the club base. The conditions are excellent. This is natural. In Europe, contracts of not less than 5 years are not concluded with young players. The goal is to train them and sell them to big clubs.

- Did you actually plan to become a legionnaire after the World Cup or did it all happen suddenly? Also, what were your feelings when you left Bunyodkor?

- Of course, I had plans to leave. It was not easy to leave Bunyodkor. But the dream of every player is to play in strong championships.

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- For the first time, you went to Europe as a legionnaire and a great responsibility is required of you. Doesn't this situation make it difficult for you in the process of overcoming pressure?

- I have a manager next to me. Always supports me. Shakhriyor, who worked in the Bunyodkor club, now cooperates with me. He does not spare his advice.

- Turkish clubs have been showing interest in our players lately. When you go there, do you feel that the demand for our players is increasing?

- Currently, football is developing rapidly in every country. Including in Uzbekistan. Many talented players are emerging in our country. I believe that the growing attention to our players is because the scouts did not ignore the Championship of Uzbekistan.


- In addition, the well-known football player Ryan Babel is also playing in the Eyupspor club. What was it like to meet him and what impression does he make on you?

- Babel is a master of his craft. As a person, he will be an example to the youth. Young people seem to be very well-behaved.

- What kind of coach is Arda Turan?

- He said that football is not an easy game. Always a fighter on the field, he loves football.

- In addition, did you have a chance to meet with other compatriots in Turkey?

- I spoke with Otabek Shukurov by phone. But it was not possible to see yet.


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