The goalkeeper of Sogdiana left the team

There are also expected to be a number of changes to the Soğdiyona line-up that finished the season 2023 in 11th place. Players currently leaving the team are emerging. One of them is the goalkeeper Shirinboy Abdullaev. it was revealed to the site that this posbon's contract with the team had expired and left Sogdiana. In turn, the 31-year-old goalkeeper confirmed his farewell to the team. This year, he played 4 matches in the Super League and 2 matches in the Uzbekistan Cup.


Shirinboy Abdullaev has been a worthy defender of the honor of” Sogdiana " since 2012. For 11 years of activity in one club is not observed in a football player much more often. Abdullaev, on the other hand, said goodbye to the club, which remained dear to him. His new team will most likely be known after the new year.


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