The best riders of the fifth stage of the "Global Tour-2021" have been determined

It is worth noting that the tournament was held in a very spectacular and uncompromising struggle. The competition was, as always, at a high level. After all, these competitions determine the best of the best riders of the country.

Competitions in category "A" with an obstacle height of 140 cm became an interesting program for many. As expected, it was won by an experienced athlete Bekzod Kurbanov. The second place went to Nurzhan Tuyakbayev, and Gayrat Nazarov closed the top three.

Category "A", 140 cm:

1. Bekzod Kurbanov "Abaja Dos Darados"

2. Nurzhan Tuyakbayev "Lancelotta”

3. Gayrat Nazarov "Losinos boy"

Category "D", 130 cm:

1. Abdushukur Sobirzhonov "Samira"

2. Dilmurod Abdurakhmanov "Kolibri”

3. Bekzod Kurbanov "Kalimera"

Category "B", 120 cm (horses 5-6 years old):

1. Umid Komilov " Brand Plus"

2. Azam Tolibboev "X”

3. Ibrahim Yuldashev "Shahzoda Kornet"

Category "C", 110 cm (riders 12-14 years old):

1. Umar Dadaev "Bukmeker"

2. Boburjon Valizhonov "Abaja Dos Darados”

3. Akbar Sharipov "Kechmeker”


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