That's it! Israil Madrimov's opponent refused the world championship fight. Everything was revealed in an interview with Madrimov (interview)

  • 30 декабрь, 2023, 11:52
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 Israil Madrimov, who has been fighting in the super welterweight category (69.8 kg) of professional boxing, is a mandatory contender for the world championship belt. So far, he has had 10 fights, won 9 of them, and one fight was a technical draw. Madrimov was supposed to fight for the world title on January 27. We conducted a small interview with him to clarify the latest processes. You can learn more about it below.

- You are currently in Uzbekistan. How focused are you on your training?

- Yes, we did not stop training while in Uzbekistan. Now I am continuing the training camp together with the Uzbekistan national team at the Yangiabad base.


- Recently, information was spread that there will be a championship fight in January. Is this message still relevant? What is the situation in this regard?

- This is true, we were planning a fight for the world championship belt in London at the end of January. But the boxer who was supposed to fight me refused to fight. There is no concrete information yet, but we must be ready for battle. Therefore, we will continue the preparation process.

Can you reveal the name of the boxer who refused to fight for the world championship belt? Charlo or who? Didn't he explain the reason for withdrawal?

- Of course, my opponent was British James Metcalf, who is ranked 5th in the WBA. All were canceled close to the official announcement. He did not explain why he did not want to fight. Now, negotiations are being conducted with the boxers who are ranked next to me.

- If I'm not mistaken, this clash should have been earlier?

- Yes, actually it should have been in November. But for some reason, it did not happen. My first fights were also 10 rounds. I have called out champions since I started my career. Since the last 4, or 5 fights, I went to the ring in eliminator matches and became the main mandatory challenger. But still, the fight for the championship belt was not given. I proved that I deserved it by winning the eliminator in my 5th fight. If [I have been] given a title fight, I will try my best to win and become world champion. This has been a dream of mine since my first fight. God willing, I am looking forward to the world championship fight. As long as the opponent and the date of the fight are clear. It doesn't matter who or where they are, we will show them all in the ring.


- When are you planning to go to the USA? What kind of diet should you be on in terms of weight?

- It is not clear when I will leave. I will wait until the date of the fight is confirmed. I am on a regular diet. My weight is also good. I started the preparation part in September, it's still going on, I'm also following the diet, and my weight is normal.

- Thank you for the conversation, we wish you luck in the championship fight.

- Thanks to you too. Keep supporting. I will bring the world championship belt to our homeland!


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