Tashkent to host K-1 tournament

The Tashkent Open K-1 tournament will be held in Tashkent. We also reported that the tournament will be held on January 22-24, amateur fights on January 22-23, and professional fights on January 24.

One of the main organizers of the tournament, the head of the Tashkent K-1 Federation Hojiakbar Khakimov, told our website that more than 10 professional fights will be held. In the central fight, the most prominent K-1 master of Uzbekistan Sher Mamazulunov will go to the ring. Also, the second central battle will be attended by another famous representative of Uzbekistan, Bobur Tagiev.

We will soon provide information about their opponents. If so, there may be some surprises on this battle night.


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