Simple Star from the village! Or Dastonbek Otabolaev- who is the only Central Asian world champion in karate!

Interviews are often organized with famous uzbek sportsmen by in its customs. Today’s guest is Dastonbek Otabolaev who is the first and only the world champion in Karate WKF among adults, in Central Asia.

- You know, everyone has his or her own way how to enter the sports. How it was happened with you and why not other sports? Only karate?

- In my childhood, I used to watch movies wich was full of karate actions. I liked them a lot, I think it is connected to to the those films. When it comes to why I chosed karate, at that time in my region where I have lived named Oltiarik, there was not any other types of kurash exept for karate.

Then when my father knew about my interes to this sport, he took me to the sports center and I was 8 years old at that time. So I have beeng doing karate for 21 years. And I should say thank to my dad who always helps and encourages me.


- Was there anybody else who did sports among your family members before you?

- My father did kurash in the past. However there was nobody who did sports professionally like me. My parents wanted me to be strong, healthy and brave through this sport. But it was not my dream, I wanted a lot more. After some years, my parents wanted me to study a lot more rather than doing karate. They thought I would be a student of prestigious university. As people did not know much things about what can you achieve by the help of sports, some people said that it was impossible to have a good life and much money only doing sports. Because nobody was able to achieve such kind of success in my village then. My desire and my love to karate made me be the world champion.


- Some sportsmen to other types of sports besides their speciality. Have you ever thought doing another sports?

- In the past, I had a chance to change karate with other type of sport. For example, when I was 6-7 grades, I used to go football courses too. But in my inner sense, I thought I would be a professional karatiest. Because, I mostly like the respect to the opponent and white clothes in it. Karate is the most professional one among others in my view.

- What encourages you?

- I don’t want to be a looser both my personal life and sports, even if it is just a work-out.  Desire of being the first and coping with the situations which others think impossible – these to be winner.


- In chess you need strong memory and wisdom, in boxing you need a strength. What do people need in this sport?

- Certianly unbeatable discipline. Not only karate, but also any other fields discipline is the most significant in order to have a success. Even if you have some problems in your family or you have to go to the work-out what ever happens. And you must control your body in any situation.


- As we know you have taken part in many prestigious competitions. Can you tell us memorable ones?

- Yes of course. I have participated a lot of both national and international competitions, championships, so far. For instance Islamic games in Azerbaijan, I got bronze medal and president of this country rewarded me. That was one of unforgettable day for me. In 2016, I got another bronze medal in the world championship among students in Braga. Then I became famous in uzbek karate history. Because non of uzbek sportsmen won among students in this championship before me. In 2021 Dubai, there was held a world championship among adults, and it was a day that my dreams came true – I got gold medal and became the first uzbek champion int the history of Uzbekistan. It was like a dream for most sportsman as it has so many difficulties to participate in this championship. It holds every 2 years and only 1 participant from every country, totally 5 masters of karate can be world champion among 150 countries. Before that, I participated 4 times in the world championship. In 2011 Malaysia, in 2012 France, 2016 Austria, 2018 Spain. I waited this medal 10 years. After that I got another bronze medal in USA “World Games” which is heldin every 4 years.


- What kind of responsibilities you have as a leader of the team?

- It means being like a leader of all uzbek karatiests. All other karatiests are encouraged by the success of the leader during the competitions. However, only 1 person can be a leader of the team. It is so honorable.

- What kind of plans do you have in the future?

- I have got lots of plans. First of all, I’m going to win the league “Karate combat”. I signed a contract with this league too. So this year, in Hungary I will defend in the upcoming WKF world championship for my gold medal.


- After 5 years where would you want to be?

- I would want to achieve all my planned goals. If karate is joined to the 2028 Olympic games in Los-Angeles, I’ll want to became a champion. In order to this I will try as hard as I can. In the upcoming half decade I want and hope that I’ll have known as a karatiest who won several times in world championship, Asian championship and other competitions.

Bakhtiyor Toshtemirov.


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