Shomurodov highly appreciated the Uzbek football player who is on his way to conquer Europe

Eldor Shomurodov is the most famous player of Uzbekistan today. The 28-year-old striker has shown in practice that students of the Uzbek football school can play in the strongest European championships.

Today, in addition to Eldor, Abdukadir Husanov also plays in the top five leagues. The 19-year-old defender joined the ranks of the French vice-champion FC Lans.


A new generation of players with the ability to play in the top leagues is being trained in our country. For them, the championships of Russia, Belarus, and Turkey are becoming a competition that paves the way for the powerful leagues of the "old continent".

Previously, Uzbek players, who were fully formed as football players, went to foreign championships when they were full of strength, today young players who have just stepped into big football are not afraid to get the status of legionnaires.

Abbosbek Fayzullaev, who decided to continue his career in the Russian Premier League club CSKA, is one of such ambitious young players. The 19-year-old enterprising player, who can play in several positions, was not arbitrary. Before receiving the status of a legionnaire, he consulted with Eldor Shomurodov, who had extensive experience in kicking balls abroad.

After this transfer, Eldor Shomurodov commented on the transfer of young player Abbosbek Fayzullaev to CSKA.

CSKA got one of the best representatives of the generation of young players in Uzbekistan. Abbosbek is a very bright player. He is also a well-trained guy. A true professional as a footballer.

Naturally, he needs some time to adapt to the new environment. But I am sure that Fayzullaev will please the fans with his games, - said Eldor Shomurodov, captain of the national team of Uzbekistan and forward of FC Cagliari.


It should be noted that Eldor Shomurodov himself started his way to the strong European championships from the Russian Premier League.

By 2017, Eldor, who defended the honor of Mashal and Bunyodkor teams in Uzbekistan, signed a contract with Rostov, a medium-sized team of the Russian Premier League.

Striker has been increasing his potential for three seasons. Finally, in October 2020, he reached his goal and moved to Serie A, one of Europe's top five leagues. The oldest team of Italy - Genoa paid a total of 9 million euros for the Uzbek striker and added him to their ranks.

Shomurodov, who showed his ability to score in his debut season, was taken by the famous coach Jose Mourinho to the big club Roma. As part of this team, our compatriot won the UEFA Conference League Cup, the first prize in Europe.

Shomurodov, who finished last season on loan at Spezia, accepted a new challenge in the new season and moved to the Sardinian club in order to help Cagliari managed by the famous coach Claudio Ranieri.


We wish that for Abbosbek Faizullaev, the Russian Premier League will be a springboard to the top championships of Europe. Let Eldor Shomurodov and Abdukadir Husanov get their way.


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