Predictions before the rematch between Israil Madrimov and Michel Soro ...

On July 9, the well-known O2 Arena in London will host a spectacular professional boxing evening. Uzbek boxer Israil Madrimov will also go back in action. Madrimov will square off against Michel Soro of France in the WBA final eliminator fight.  
So, we were interested in the opinions of boxing coaches about this rematch. 

-  Vladimir Shin: I can't guess. Because it's boxing and any situation can happen!


Zufar Suleymanov: The rematch will be very uncompromising. Israil also won the first battle and mastered its strengths and weaknesses. His preparation is also excellent. I think this time, too, Israil will have a beautiful victory. 


Rustam Saidov: Of course, we want the victory of Madrimov, and I think that if he fights smart and orderly, he will be able to do it. 


- Mansur Mukimov:  The fight will be very interesting. Because the first clash was also very violent. We saw that there were some objections to the referee’s mistake. However, there was no doubt that Israil would win even if that war continued. The rematch will also be very heated. Because competitors know each other very well. We also saw Soro’s strong boxing, but I saw the real tenacity in Israil in that fight. I think Madrimov will win again. Now he is well prepared for the fight and I think he has 100% of the character that a boxer needs. Of course, I want and hope his victory!


Abror Tursunpulatov: I think this fight will not go the distance. This time it will be easier for Israil than in the first battle, and he will win by stoppage. Now, Matchroom has expanded its geography and the fight nights organized by this promotion company are going fairly. Golden Boy, Top Rank, and PBC focus on the U.S. and Mexicans. As I mentioned above.  


Abduvakhid Jalolov: I think Israil will win. Madrimov is a very strong-willed boy with a strong fighting spirit ... He has gained a lot of experience in the professional ring for 4 years. Good luck to him!


Javlonbek Eshmatov: It will not be an easy fight for Israil Madrimov. However, there is no doubt in his skill and with his beautiful moves, he will win by knockout in the 10th round. 


-Dilshod Makhmudov: Of course, this is boxing! It all depends on how well you prepare for battle. Frankly, it's hard to say now. However, Israil Madrimov is now in a very high physical condition. Of course, I want Madrimov to win and wish him good luck!


Askar Mamedov: There is no doubt that Madrimov was well prepared for this fight. Of course, he wins. Inshallah by knockout!


Husan Shirmatov: This fight will be a very good experience for Madrimov. Soro is better than Madrimov as a professional boxer. But he is much older. So I would rate the chances 50/50. Good luck Israil!


Alisher Rakhimov: It will be a very difficult fight. If the judges don’t help Soro, Israil will win!


Feruz Yuldashev : This time, too, Madrimov will win. In addition, the preparation is excellent. In addition, it is clear that the beautiful victory of Murodjon Akhmadaliev had a positive effect on his psyche.



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