Otabek Kholmatov is pleased with his new team, explains why Wood has not wanted to fight him and talks about his upcoming fight against Raymond Ford

  • 14 декабрь, 2023, 09:51
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Uzbek fighter Otabek Kholmatov, a contender for the WBA world championship belt in the featherweight category of professional boxing, was ordered to fight Raymond Ford for the vacant belt. The fight is being scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. He gave a special interview for our website. You can get acquainted with his plans in detail below.

You are currently training in the US. Can you tell me about the stages and aspects of the training?

- Hello. Yes, I am continuing my training in the USA. I am not a businessman. My business is boxing and I am working on my sports career. Besides, I must say one thing. After I was on the threshold of the championship, I started asking my previous team questions about the fight. They kept leaving it unanswered and eventually, I was thrown out on the street in a foreign country with no money and no acquaintances. Later, I was added to Joel Diaz's team to help Murodjon Akhmadaliyev in training. Here I understood and felt what real professional training is. After several trainings, I decided to work with them. Joel Diaz accepted me as his child. We work with special attention during the day, I had several sparring sessions. Fitness trainers, boxing trainers, masseurs, nutritionists, great team, all are masters of their job. Everything is organized and professional! My previous team never contacted me. But I am not offended by anyone. I am sure that now I have come to the team I want!

You were a contender for the former WBA featherweight champion Leigh Wood. But he left his belt vacant. Why do you think he didn't want to face you?

- I think that Wood made a reasonable assessment of the situation and chose what was useful for him. I don't think he's afraid of me, but most likely his team decided that. Because they understood that the fight with me would be very difficult. I'm not interested in how or why he vacated the belt, I'm more interested in the clash ahead of me.

What is the current situation regarding the championship fight? Are negotiations underway?

- I asked the WBA for the right to fight for the title, I won this right in the ring, and the WBA approved and planned our fight with Ford. The right to organize this fight was won by Top Rank, one of the best promotions in the world. Work is underway to organize the match on March 2 in the United States. I don't care about the place. Ready to fight anywhere!

How would you rate your chances with Raymond Ford? Do you watch him fight?

- I do not estimate the possibilities. To be honest, I consider myself the strongest in the weight class. It doesn't matter who the opponent is in the fight for the championship. I believe in myself and my strengths. I feel I can beat anyone in my weight class.

What are the plans after the championship fight?

- InshaAllah! Now the goal is to win the world championship. After that, I want to unify all belts and bring them to Uzbekistan!


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