New player of "Eagles" : FC Andijan fans will make a person who doesn't play play

It is known that FC Andijon added talented player Abbos Ergashbaev to its squad during the summer selection process.

FC Pakhtakor student now focuses on FC Andijon team. Experts say he has a bright future.

- Abbos, first of all, please tell the fans about yourself in detail...

- I was born on March 28, 2003 in the city of Gulistan. I started participating in football when I was 6 years old. I practiced under my first coach in Gulistan - Rafael Rinatovich Shafikov until I was 11 years old. Then he took me to FC Pakhtakor. As a result, I was accepted there. I grew up under Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Kim in Pakhtakor. These two coaches play an important role for me. When I was 16, I was in the substitute team. At the age of 18, I joined the main team. I started playing at the age of 19 and scored a goal in the Asian Champions League.

FC Andijon fans are number one in Uzbekistan. A person who does not play is also sent to play. They are always supportive. There are Andijon fans, Andijan football! The reason why I moved to FC Andijon is to help and we have the goal of getting into the top three with such games.

Abbas 5

- You missed the first game due to injury. How are you now?

- My current condition is improving and I hope that I will be in 100 percent sports form before the meeting with FC Surkhon. I joined the training.

- Did you watch the match against FC Nasaf and what was your impression? What did you feel from the outside?

- Despite the fact that FC Nasaf is a strong team, we did not lag behind them. FC Nasaf tried to take points from us. Because we took three points from them in the first round. We will try to show everyone a beautiful and accordingly victorious game against the team. We are also in good shape physically.


- What is your first goal after moving to FC Andijon?

- The reason why I moved to Andijon club is to contribute to the promotion to the top and to show a beautiful game for the fans.

- Actually, how did this option appear and who is responsible?

- I myself did not expect to be called to the Andijon club. They contacted my agents. I got to know the FC Andijan team and I liked it. I also met his fans.

Abbas 8

- You managed to score a goal in the Champions League for FC Pakhtakor. In general, what is the most important goal of your career to date?

- I scored my most important goal in the Champions League. Because it changed my whole career. Because that's what football is: one game or one goal can change your life. That's why I always tell young people to be patient and not stop working. Luck comes to some early and to some late.

- By the way, were you surprised that FC Pakhtakor lost to FC Dinamo in the Cup of Uzbekistan?

- Yes, I was surprised. I did not expect such a result from FC Pakhtakor. Football is like that.


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