Nasaf lost another point at home. How did Berdiev explain the reason for this?

Last time, Nasaf drew 0:0 with Pakhtakor at a home match and repeated the same result this time.

The opponents who received Navoi's Kizilkum team, which is fighting for survival in the Super League, could not find a way to overcome their opponent.

This draw can be compared to a defeat for Nasaf and a victory for Kizilkum.

The head coach of the home team, Rozikul Berdiev, spoke about the reasons for the draw after the game.

- The result was not what we expected. The opposing team defended well. We hardly had a chance to break through this defense in attack. In some cases, there was luck somewhere. The crossbar, well done by the goalkeeper. The result was unsatisfactory. It's really hard for us. But now we started preparing for the next game from the dressing room.

- What do you think of this game of the team? Is it related to the mental state or internal environment? Why are points being lost?

- Of course, we also understand this. You go to every game for victory, for a positive result. Internal environment, everything is fine. Sometimes when you rush, when the opponent defends well, when you don't think, it definitely affects the morale. We lack skill in attack. This is one of our main reasons.

Berdiev 28

- Legionary players are also taken. There must be a change in the game from round to round. How long can we expect them to join?

- We are also thinking about it. We are working hard on it. To bring their physical fitness to a good state or from the mental side... They entered the team well, and the team received it well. But as I have already mentioned, sometimes there is a lack of skill in the attack.

- The Super Cup match is coming up on August 24. It is clear that this meeting will not be easy.

- Of course, it will not be easy for our opponent either. Because if we take the last pointers, we are doing well against them. I think this game will also be positive for us.


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