"It's good that we won a big victory, but..." - What made the coach of Lokomotiv not satisfied?

In the postponed 12th round of the Pro League, the favorite of the competition Lokomotiv received the outsider of the competition Andijan-SGS on its field. In a match full of goals, the hosts crushed their opponents with a score of 6:1. "Loko" coach Denis Korostichenko shared his thoughts after the big victory.

- First of all, I congratulate everyone on the victory. The second round has just started, our first game of the round. I also congratulate the fans, they encouraged us as much as they could. If I talk about the game, we could solve everything in the first half itself, increase the score. We created good situations in the second half. I wasn't too happy with the quality of the game. We could have played better. It's good that we won with a big score, but it's bad that we conceded a goal in the end. We wanted to play to zero. In general, we deserved to win.

- This season we missed the first goal on our field.

- I didn't know. I found out after you said. The first goal at home. Yes, we wanted to play for zero. We are not playing badly in defense. But it happened like that.

- Andijan-SGS played better today than in the first game, and created good situations. There were more one-on-one situations. How do you rate the defenders conceding more today?

- Yes, there was a situation in the first half. I remember another situation in the second part. I can't say that our defenders are relaxed. Opponents also create situations, it is impossible not to always allow them to create situations. In addition, the composition of the opponent consists of young people, they are running a lot, trying to play in attack. Let's see how it all happened. We will talk to the guys.


- Can we say that today was a bad day for Sime Zuzul?

- Bladi. I don't understand why he couldn't hit so many situations. It is possible to justify the situation of not being able to hit in the first half, but the last situation of hitting the goalpost cannot be justified. The goalkeeper was lying down, it was only possible to mark the goal clearly. Yes, today was not his day. Even then, he made an effort, tried to score a goal, and scored. But he could have scored more goals.

- Three of the 6 goals scored today were scored by defenders. During the game, were the defenders instructed to pay more attention to the attack?

- No, it didn't happen. Positional football also involves the addition of full-backs to the attack. Manuchehr Safarov's goal was like this. He ran from a long distance and opened up to an empty zone. Such goals happen. Jaloliddin Jumaboev's first goal came after a standard. Although the ball was lost, he played to the end and finished the situation. The last goal was his own initiative. He went forward and saw the situation and scored a goal. But no such instruction was given.


- What is Bojan Najdenov's condition?

- Nothing can be said for sure yet. He is participating in general group training. He feels a problem with his ankle. We are preparing him for the next games. We will hold the next match against "Aral" on the 19th. We play there on an artificial field. We should not put him on the field with such an injury. Naydenov may aggravate his injury at the stadium. He will be ready for the match against "Khorazm". He had a great first round. He was one of the best in the team. If he returns to the lineup, he will be of great help to the team.


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