"If I didn't believe in taking FC Bukhara to the Super League, I would be sitting quietly at home retired." Hakim Fuzailov should repeat his "craft" at FC Dinamo

As you know, FC Bukhara will be led by Hakim Fuzailov from Tajikistan in the new season. Hakim Kayumovich, who took FC Dinamo Samarkand to the Super League last year, will have to do the same with FC Bukhara.

Unfortunately, the coach did not get a chance to work in the Super League. However, the coach was brought in to help the team achieve its goal, which is very eager to reach the Super League. That's why this trip, as Fuzailov did last year, is in full swing.

In this regard, the correspondent of Sports.uz inteviewed Fuzailov with a number of questions.

- You started working as a head coach in FC Bukhara. The goal is to return to the Super League. So, what are the current training plans?

- Preparations for the new season are going on. If I'm not mistaken, you were also talked about it when you recently contacted the general director of the club. We have everything in place. On January 3, we gathered in one place and began preparations for the season. In the past, I got to know the players better. I must say that today the first stage of preparation has been completed. In the control match against FC Nasaf, we drew 2:2. Now we have decided to hold a training session in Tashkent. We also plan to hold three control contests there. We competed with the team FC Neftchi from Fergana. I must say that now I would estimate our readiness by 50%. We still have a lot of work to do. We need to test a few players. In particular, We want to try some of the new guys. Let's take a look at everything.

- Last year you took FC Dinamo to the Super League. However, the contract was not extended. Didn't that upset you?

- Why are you upset? I ended my contract with the club and left Samarkand without any resentment. I have no guilt against them. On the contrary, I would like to wish FC Dinamo a good start to the new season in the Super League. There was no problem between us and FC Dinamo.


- You work in the pro league again. We know that you used to work in FC Bukhara. The task here is to take the club to the Super League. But what if the situation with FC Bukhara and FC Dinamo will be the same, after the end of the championship?

- I did not play for FC Bukhara. But just like when I was at FC Dinamo, I was the coach of the club. Do you think that the situation in Samarkand will not be repeated and that I will be able to leave if I fulfill my humanitarian mission? It's not just about me. On the contrary, from now on I will focus on the preparations. It is clear that the fight for a ticket to the Super League will be even more interesting. It is obvious that we need to strengthen the structure along the way. If FC Bukhara can overcome the problems of previous years and form the team as expected, then the team will be one of the contenders to fight for the right to the elite.

- Which clubs do you think are the top favorites for Super League tickets in the Pro League?

- Undoubtedly, this will be the club that said goodbye to the elite at the end of last season. First of all, I would have shown Andijan. That’s 100 percent. In addition, I believe that Guzar's FC Shurtan will fight for a place in the Super League. I can also say FC Khorezm. The new season promises exciting fights right now. Participation in such a struggle is interesting on the one hand and very difficult on the other.


- FC Bukhara has a number of new players and it continues. For example, the players who worked together at Dinamo also moved. In general, how is the selection work going?

- You are right, new players have joined our team from FC Dinamo. They played a key role in securing a ticket to the Super League last season. By the way, I know these guys very well now. However, the squad has not yet been fully formed. There is much work to be done. We also have Ukrainian legionnaires on our list. In addition to them, I will show the Serbian goalkeeper Stosic. This guard used to play for me when I was coaching FC Istiklol. With his help, FC Istiklol reached the AFC Cup final like FC Nasaf last year.

- Which players have signed contracts now?

- At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly with which players' contracts have been signed. I handed the list of players to the club director. It is he who signs contracts with the players. So far, contracts have been signed with 15 players. That's not all. It will be agreed with a few more players soon.

- Last year, FC Bukhara fought for the Super League. However, during the year, a number of coaches have changed, and the leadership has also changed. Aren't you worried that this trip will be the same as last year during the season?

- I would not like to say anything on this issue. If so, I don't like to discuss the past. I was not in the club when these things happened. If I talk about it, it is clear that leadership will be achieved. As for today, the above are more serious people.


- What conditions did the leadership of FC Bukhara create for you?

- The club leaders, the general sponsor and the general director treat me very well. They are helping us in every way. If it continues like this, the work will be interesting in itself. As a result, the guys were inspired to go to the field to win one of the tickets to the Super League.

- So, you believe in returning FC Bukhara to the Super League?

- If I didn't believe it, I would be sitting quietly at home like a pensioner. After all, any coach strives to fulfill the task set before him. I am no exception.


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