"I want to stay here longer, the club has a lot of money" - another Uzbek player became a legionnaire

Midfielder Mukhammad Isaev, who previously worked in Kokan-1912, recently left there. The footballer now plays abroad as a legionnaire.

The fact is that the agents told Isaev that there is an option from Indonesia, and this made the player interested. Therefore, Isaev decided to try his luck abroad.

He reached an agreement with the Indonesian first-division participant - Malut United. After everything was decided, Mukhammad Isaev told Sports.uz about the details of going there.

What happened to Indonesia?

- When I was playing in Kokon-1912, there were options. There are new options. The offer from Indonesia was better. I will soon turn 30, and we are not in a position to think about anything else. Hopefully, I'll play more here and then come back. Javlon Huseynov is playing in Indonesia, he seems to be bored, that's why I came (laughs). So, our sustenance is here. Honestly, we are not top-level players. They are playing in other strong championships. We are blessed with these lands. Well, some are lucky, some are not. Thank God, no complaints. They created much better conditions. A team with a purpose. In Indonesia, the Super League is called Liga 1, and the pro league is called Liga 2. The championship is not bad. People love football very much. The main thing is that the conditions are good, they have money. We are not old enough to think otherwise.


Did you have a discussion with Huseynov?

- What if I don't? Of course, I consulted with Javlon aka Huseynov, and then I signed the contract. In our club, familiar friends of Huseynov were playing. He told them, they are helping me to get used to the new team. They are good guys. I was well received. Malut United, which I play for, is a newly opened team of the island. He set himself the task of going to League 1. A club with a lot of money. He is building a separate stadium for himself. Most of the players in our team are players who played in League 1.

Do we still have compatriots in Indonesia?

- There were few Uzbeks in Indonesia before. Before that, Huseynov was mainly active. Azamat Abdullaev and Ahror Umarkhanov have also arrived now. After them I came. One or two more players should come. They still don't know much about the Indonesian championship in Uzbekistan. The population of this place is quite large, and the fans of football are correspondingly large.


Local conditions

- There are so many islands in Indonesia, I didn't think so. I just haven't gotten used to local food yet. Because they mostly eat spicy food. That's why we are currently eating fast food.

How long was the contract?

- My contract is currently for one year. I signed a contract with the agent here for two years. God willing, after the first round or after the season, I have no intention of moving to the Ligue 1 championship.


Were there no offers from Uzbekistan?

- We received invitations mainly from pro league clubs. Every coach has tactics and strategies. But I liked the Indonesian version better. Money is also paid on time. They all trust me. That's why I came looking for my sustenance and happiness here. The prize money here is not like ours. But the monthly salaries are good.


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