How useful is the transfer of Khusniddin Alikulov?

You know that Khusniddin Alikulov moved to the Turkish team Rizespor. So what do we know about this team? What about his history and chances in the Super League? Is Alikulov guaranteed a place in the main squad? You can find answers to the most important questions you are interested in.

Club history

FC Rizespor was founded in 1953 and spent the last season in the first league of Turkey. After winning the ticket to the Super League in a fierce match, he started to strengthen his team. Team founders: Yakup Temizel, Atıf Taviloglu, İsmet Bilsel, Yasar Tumbekcioglu and Muharrem Kurkcu. The club, which first operated as a semi-professional club, became a professional team in 1968. Starting in the third division of Turkey, the team won the first league by 1978/79. In the same year, he got the opportunity to debut in the Turkish Super League for the first time in his history. The team is not a regular participant of the main championship, but it is not always used to walk at the bottom. It is considered one of the unique "elevator clubs" of Turkey. The team plays its home games in the Eni Rize Shehir arena with a capacity of 15,600.


The team, whose fans are distinguished by its tension, has a lot of fans in Turkey. The nickname of the team is "Black Sea Hawks"!

Who are the players and coaches in our representative zone


Bahadir Ozturk, who shared the center of the field as his partner, returned to the Antalyaspor team. The player, who spent the last season on loan at Rizespor, made a good impression on many people. The club decided to return the defender who participated in 28 games during the season. Khusniddin Alikulov is most likely to replace Ozturk, and the transfer is being carried out. The reason is that Bahadir's playing style and function on the field are similar to Husniddin's. That is, Alikulov is not just an option for the bench, but a transfer made in order to fill the vacant zone with the necessary personnel. that's right this does not mean that the Turks have endless confidence in the member of the national team. It is necessary to fully demonstrate one's strength and capabilities on the field, of course.

Transfer of Husniddin Alikulov

Official information about this transfer has been published. The 24-year-old player signed a contract in the form of 3+1. That is, he has the right to extend the 3-year agreement period for another 1 year. For Alikulov, who has been proving to be the best defender in the Super League of Uzbekistan for almost 2 years, going to Turkey is one of the most ideal options. It is true that Nasaf felt deprived of its backline scorer for the main part of the season, but this decision is the best for Alikulov's future. He is fully formed as a professional player and as a person.

Husniddin 1

Moreover, he feels that it is too late to become a legionnaire. Either now or never. If Alikulov wants to play football at the world level, he needs to become an irreplaceable player of the main team in Rizespor.

We have witnessed several times that the member of our national team has developed speed, the ability to choose the right place and the ability to see the field. Now he should be able to show his strengths on another level. The announcement by the Turkish government that Central Asian football players are not considered legionnaires obviously works in Alikulov's favor. The debate about the legionnaire limit is still ongoing in Turkey. While some are calling for it to be increased, others believe that it will hinder the development of local players. Therefore, the legionnaires in the Super League are always under pressure. And Alikulov can show his potential without excessive "pressure" just like local players. Everything is in his hands.


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