FC Pakhtakor and FC Nasaf have the same problem!

After the completion of 14 rounds, it can be seen that the two grands of our championship are almost in the same situation. You must have immediately realized that we are talking about Pakhtakor and Nasaf. This factor is immediately apparent, as both are always ambitious teams. So what's the problem?

The opposing team Nasaf unexpectedly received a painful defeat from Turon. It is clear that it hurt the fans of "dragons" even more than the defeat against Neftchi. It's not for nothing. Under Ruzikul Berdiev, the team collected only one point in the last 3 games of the Super League. This is a result that does not suit clubs aiming for the championship.

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Currently, Nasaf is 8 points behind the leader Navbahor. This difference can be reduced to 3 points by the remaining game of "dragons", but we should not forget that the opponent is Pakhtakor.

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The most interesting thing is that "lions" are experiencing a small "crisis" just like Nasaf. Pakhtakor had two defeats in two games. At first, they were defeated by Dinamo of Samarkand in a painful way (3:2), but yesterday they lost the opportunity to the principal rival Neftchi at home. In addition, "super Max" was sent off the field by Firdavs Norsafarov. This card at least made him Navbahor. will cause him to miss the game. This could be the reason for a 3rd consecutive loss. Right now, the "lions" are "leaning" on the points they got due to the winning streak. And the fans of the team can't stomach the fact that Maksim Shatskikh can't win the "big games". It is worth noting that the two teams participating in the AFC Champions League seem to have fallen out of rhythm.

In Nasaf, the team lost stability, in Pakhtakor the balance was lost. Shatskikh still could not fully form the composition. Moreover, the two transfer campaigns carried out have not hit the target at all. Berdiev, after a break of several years, partially managed to bring the "big players" he wanted to the team. It is because of this fact that the account lost the main "trump card" in front of the management.

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Pakhtakor gives the impression that it is moving forward in the inertia of the steps taken during the Arveladze era. In Nasaf the problem is slightly different. Under the leadership of Ruzikul Berdiev, the team has played well for more than 10 years. Having reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, he managed to win several domestic cups. Nevertheless, the work of the specialist is measured by fans with Super League gold medals. Both experts are in two difficult situations. The postponed game of the 11th round between them (which will be on August 15) can affect many things. After the defeat against Neftchi, Pakhtakor fans protested against Maxim Shatskikh. On the other side, the army of opposition fans who believe that Berdiev is suffering from the syndrome of not being able to win in the Super League is growing. Shatskikh-Berdiev confrontation will definitely move one of the two courses on August 15.


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