FC Andijon played 0:0 in the second game in a row. How did the head coach comment?

The head coach of the team Alexander Khomyakov took part in the second part of the press conference organized after the match between FC Andijon and FC Surkhon (0:0).

- We witnessed the clash of two teams that are going side by side in the tournament table. At the beginning of the season, I did not think that we would be side by side with FC Surkhon in the tournament table. We lost 1:0 in the first round. And in this game, I think they got a valuable point. We really wanted to win. The opponent won a draw with a good game. If we look at the composition, we can see that there are a number of young players. FC Surkhan has shown that he is not in this position for nothing. We wanted a lot, but we couldn't get anything going in attack. The opponent did well in counterattacks. For most of the game, the opponent defended and counter-attacked. We made dangerous attacks, but we still did not achieve the intended goal.

- Why didn't Bubanya come to the field?

- He was injured. Busy with recovery today. He is preparing for the next meetings.

- What do you say about Armin Boshnyak?

- He joined our team yesterday. In order to further strengthen the wings, we added him to our ranks. He is about to adapt to our team. Let's hope he joins quickly like Hebei and can show good results. But unfortunately, we could not please our fans with a victory in today's match. We will move forward, correct our mistakes and try to get better results in the next matches.

- FC Andijon has been playing 0:0 for two rounds. In your opinion, what were the different aspects of the previous and today's game?

- You know, to tell you the truth, today's opponent seems much more interesting. We really wanted to win today. Because the team has a goal, formed mainly by young people. It can be seen that the head coach is increasing his experience and giving opportunities to young people. The game with FC Nasaf became history. Now I can't say anything about it. I repeat: we really wanted to win. FC Surkhon is not in a good place in the tournament table for nothing.

- Sodikov, number 27, entered the field in the second half but made many mistakes...

- I will say it again: we have problems, especially with wing players. Therefore, we are forced to replace a number of players. I don't think there's anything to worry about, we're trying, life goes on. We strive to win by doing well and hoping for the future.


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