Fast! Our legionnaire's contract will be terminated!

Russian media have reported that Spartak's management is preparing to terminate the contract of midfielder Oston Urunov.

The Uzbek legionnaire signed a five-year contract with the Muscovites in the summer of 2020. Oston Urunov played 9 games for Spartak and scored one goal.


However, the club's management considered the Uzbek player a player of former director general Shamil Gazizov, who could not agree with them, and did not give him a place in the club. The coaching staff did not give our young player enough opportunities and only fielded him several times in the last minutes.

Urunov spent a lot of time in Ufa. However, due to the large number of injuries and poor preparation, he remained largely on the bench. In the final season, Astana played in 17 matches for Ufa and failed to make effective moves.

On the contrary, Ufa left the Premier League and did not use the right to buy Oston Urunov for one million euros.

As a result, Astana returned to Spartak. Now it looks like he will have to find a new team for himself. According to the latest information, Urunov has received offers from Asian countries.

Former Spartak player Dmitry Kombarov also commented on this.

It is necessary to ask him all the questions about the career of Oston Urunov and the future of the player. The fact that he is being challenged is a good sign, - said Dmitry Kombarov.

Urunov is actually a pupil of Pakhtakor. But the Lions did not play in the main squad. The talented player, who can play in several positions, was formed in Navbakhor as a professional player.

In 2019, Urunov, who played a total of 51 games for Namangan and scored three goals, transferred to Tashkent's Lokomotiv. The young player did not go blind at the capital club either. The player, who played in 13 matches and scored one goal, was transferred to Ufa in early 2020.

For Urunov, the players of the Russian Premier League, who played as legionnaires for the first time, were very lucky. The midfielder’s creative style of play has caught the attention of almost all the grandmasters. However, the choice of Shamil Gazizov, who made a great contribution to the transformation of our compatriot into a legionnaire, in the end, turned out to be a mistake.

Now Oston Urunov has to find a new team. The reassuring side is that the young player has recovered. By the end of the season, we saw that he was able to become one of the main figures of "Ufa". Srechko Katanets also noticed this and invited Urunov to the Asian Championship qualifiers. Astana also managed to open the scoring, increasing the number of matches for the national team of Uzbekistan to seven.


Good luck to Oston Urunov!


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