Each game has its own heroes, or Javokhir Kakhramanov of Sogdiana is unmatched in the Super League for 3 games!

The tension and intolerance in the second round of the Super League is getting more and more serious. Each match is difficult for the teams, and there are no easy matches left. Accordingly, each game has its own heroes.

Nasaf - Bukhara - 1:0. The best player of the match is Alibek Davronov

This game was very important for Nasaf, which did not win in the first two matches of the second round. Because it was impossible not to win. The title contenders have outscored their main rivals by dropping 5 points in two matches. Therefore, three points in the match against Bukhara were as necessary as water and air. But the victory was not easy. Defender Alibek Davronov came to the big stage for the team, which was not able to score a goal at the time, and scored a goal in the 74th minute to give Nasaf three points. The 21-year-old player played reliably in defense and decided the fate of the game himself. In the case of Davronov, another player with a bright future is emerging from Nasaf.

Navbahor - Pakhtakor - 1:2. The best player of the match is Hojiakbar Alijonov

The match with the participation of the main favorites in the fight for the championship undoubtedly had the status of a central game. In this, Pakhtakor showed that it is stronger than the hosts. In particular, wing defender Hojiakbar Alijonov "burned" the game. He surprised the opposing players and no one could stop him. You may have seen how the second goal was created, without a doubt, Hojiakbar was the founder of it.

Alijonov cotton

OKMK - Olympic - 2:1. The best player of the match is Khurshid Giyasov

Before the Asian Champions League playoff game, OKMK won a difficult victory in the championship. Khurshid Giyasov, who scored the first goal from a penalty in the meeting with Olympic, became the best player of the match.

Neftchi - Sogdiana - 0:0. The best player of the match is Javokhir Kakhramanov

After Jasur Khasanov's injury, Javokhir Kakhramonov, who is playing under the captain's armband, has undoubtedly become the main figure of Sogdiana. It is currently the only one-in-one indicator. You know, when the second round has started and there are 3 rounds left, Kakhramonov is recognized as the best player of the game in all of them. Yes, Javokhir has become a real "jewel" player of Sogdiana.


Surkhon - Turon - 1:0. The best player of the match is Sylvanus Nimely

Surkhan is reliably playing the second round. Termizli has recorded 2 wins and 1 draw in the last three rounds. In the last round, receiving Turon, Sylvanus Nimely scored an important three points. Naturally, Nimely, who became the hero of the match, deservedly became the best player.


Bunyodkor - Andijan - 2:1. The best player of the match is Igor Ivanovich

You know that "Swallows" won a willful victory in the match against "Eagles". Legionnaire of Bunyodkor Igor Ivanovich made a great contribution to the victory of his team. He tried to be active in every corner of the field and participated in goals.

Kizilkum - Metallurg - 0:2. The best player of the match is Zabikhillo Urinboev

Bekobod team won three valuable points against Kizilkum in Navoi. Zabikhillo Urinboev, who saved his team from defeat by scoring a goal in the last seconds against Navbahor in the last round, became the best player and this time he was the best again. Metallurg got their first win in the second round, and Orinboev did a great job again.


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