Due to the situation in the Italian championship, Shomurodov may not be able to participate in the first match of the Uzbekistan national team

The 38th round of the Italian Championship was held and the 2022-2023 season ended.

In Serie A, according to the new rules applicable this year, if the points of the teams fighting for the main prize and leaving the competition are tied, an extra match will be played regardless of the results (goal difference, head-to-head). This change was announced before the start of the season.

Therefore, "Spezia" and "Verona", which have accumulated 31 points, will compete in a decisive match on a neutral field next week. The winning team will stay alive in Serie A. The losing club will be relegated.

"Spezia" - "Verona" competition may affect the plans of the national team of Uzbekistan. Because the captain of our national team, Eldor Shomurodov, is currently on loan at the "Spezia" club. Even though our compatriot remains in the reserve, he should finish the season.

On June 11, Uzbekistan will play against Oman in the first match of the "CAFA Nation's Cup" tournament. Considering that the FIFA days start on June 12, Shomurodov may miss the match with Oman.


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