Davron Fayziev on Shomurodov's goal: That's what you need!

Roma beat Lecce 3-1 in the Italian Cup to advance to the next round. The third goal of the Romans was scored by Uzbek legionary Eldor Shomurodov. Well-known commentator Davron Fayziev commented on this.

"Here's what he needs! It's empty. Eldor is a more aggressive striker and the center is more comfortable for him. Shomurodov scored in the 63rd minute of the Italian Cup match between Roma and Lecce. It's a little more time.

In the 81st minute, the Romans took the lead with a score of 2:1 and Lecce was attacked. The habit of skipping at the end of the novel was alarming. At that moment, Heinrikh Mkhitaryan believed in the speed of his teammate and kicked the ball forward. That's it.

Start. Eldor quickly fled to the empty zone. When he entered the penalty area, he deceived the attacker, who was coming in parallel with him and also distracted the goalkeeper, who started to advance. At that moment, Shoma scored a goal from close range, 3:1. Wonderful.

Roma has reached the quarter-finals, where they will face Inter, Italy's most powerful club at the moment. Jose and Inter, great story," Fayziev wrote.


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