Control game. Norchaev's goal brought victory to "Neftchi".

"Neftchi" competed with the Russian club "Sochi" in the next control match today.

The only goal that decided the fate of the game was scored by Khusain Norchaev, a talented striker of Fergana in the 10th minute. Even though the match was tied, both teams had opportunities to change the score, but the score did not change.

"Neftchi" - "Sochi" 1:0
Goal: Husain Norchaev 10' (1:0)

"NEFTChI": 12. Sanjar Quvvatov, 2. Zoir Jo'raboev, 20. Anvar G'ofurov, 4. Boyan Tsiger, 5. Manuchehr Safarov, 70. Abbos G'ulomov, 11. Javakhir Kakharamonov, 26. Keterin Karp, 7. Jasur Jaloliddinov, 9. .Mikhay Roman, 40. Husain Norchaev

Those who joined from the reserve: Mirzokhid Gafurov, Mukhsin Ubaydullaev, Gulomhaidar Ghulomov, Sanjar Kadirkulov, Diyor Turopov, Mukhsin Ubaidullaev, Daniyor Valiev.


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