Babayan: "Navbahor" is now the most popular club in Uzbekistan!"(press conference remarks

Navbahor-Mumbai City, who qualified from Asian Champions League Round 2, were the defending champions. In this contest, the namangans won 3-0. 

After the meeting, Falcons head coach Samvel Babayan shared his thoughts at a press conference. 

"Hello everyone! Congratulations to everyone with today's victory. Navbahor won their first ever Champions League title on the ground. With the creation of a new history, I also welcome fans and the governor of the region.  

Today, the opponent was seriously opposed. Although the score ended 3-0, we put a lot of effort into the field. I have no doubt that this season we will have an interesting season in the Champions League. 

The guys tried well. We had trouble getting on the offensive line in the first half. Thanks to this, we tried to use standard situations. Astone's shot also did not end in a goal, unfortunately. 

Before the second time, however, the players realized that it was necessary to demonstrate a more aggressive, bolder game. 

We always take the field to win in any situation. At the break, I assured my disciples that we should win. Even later, our goal remains so. 

We're back. "Navbahor" is now the most popular club in Uzbekistan. 

We focused our attention on the game with Bukhara. Now we just need to be confused about this controversy. As for the 3rd round meeting in ochl, we will have enough time to think about it at that time," the expert said.


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