"Andijan" will play against "Bukhara" in the 50th anniversary game

On December 1, "Andijan" will host "Bukhara" at "Bobur Arena". It is noteworthy that the upcoming clash will be the 50th anniversary match of these teams in the Uzbekistan Championship.

Until then, "Andijan" and "Bukhara" have tried their best 49 times in the elite. "Andijan" won 15 of them. "Bukhara" won 21 matches. 13 matches ended in a draw. The ratio of balls is 65/80 in favor of the guests.

The first meeting of the teams in the championship of Uzbekistan was held on March 28, 1992 in Bukhara. At that time, "Bukhara" participated under the name "Nurafshan", and "Andijan" under the name "Navruz". The score was 2:2 in the first match. Also, in the last four matches between "Andijan" and "Bukhara", the "Eagles" have not lost to their opponents, there have been wins and draws.

We remind you that the match between "Andijan" and "Bukhara" will be played without spectators and the match will be broadcast live on "FOREIGN LANGUAGES" TV channel. The competition starts at 15:00.


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