ACL. "Navbahor" - "Al-Ittihad": What colors do the teams wear?

As you know, tomorrow "Navbahor" will play against "Al-Ittihad" club of Saudi Arabia in the first match of the semi-final of the AFC Champions League.

Today, before this match, a meeting was held on the organizational issues of the meeting. It was attended by officials of the future competition, both participating teams, representatives of the "Central" stadium, law enforcement agencies of Namangan region, and officials of the medical field.

It was also determined what colors the teams will wear in tomorrow's game. According to him, "Navbahor" will appear on the field tomorrow in a blue uniform. Saudi players wear white uniforms.

We remind you that the match between "Navbahor" and "Al-Ittihad" will start at 19:00.


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