Abduraimov: "Currently, without Ceran in Pakhtakor, no one will score goals."

In the postponed match of the 11th round of the Super League, Nasaf played against Pakhtakor in Karshi. The team lacked only a goal in the game in an attacking spirit.

After this meeting, it is normal to hear different opinions and attitudes. We had a little talk with the former coach of Pakhtakor Jasur Abduraimov about the match against Karshi.  

- What would you say about the game Nasaf - Pakhtakor?

- No one can score a goal without Ceran in the current Pakhtakor.

- What result did you expect before the game?

- Before the match, I knew that Dragan Ceran would not be able to play. For this reason, I thought that it would be difficult for Pakhtakor to score, and that's what happened. The odds in the game were 50/50. But since Ceran did not play, Nasaf had a slight advantage. Ceran is a goal-scoring striker. He is not playing and nobody from Pakhtakor is scoring. Nasaf should have won the match at home.

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- Who do you think benefited more from the score of 0:0?

- In my opinion, this result did not benefit anyone.

- Maybe to their competitors...

- Yes, the draw helped their competitors. In my opinion, the result is favorable to both Navbahor and Neftchi. Because their competitors - Nasaf and Pakhtakor lost points.

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- This month, these two clubs will meet again in the Uzbekistan Super Cup. Whose chances do you rate best this time?

- Pakhtakor team, if everyone plays - Ceran, Sobirkhojaev, Hamrobekov... This team is the strongest in Uzbekistan. The main thing is that they have a winning spirit. In my opinion, there are problems with the team's play. But Pakhtakor can make a result in a difficult situation, for example, like the situation in Namagan. Pakhtakor has excellent players. Nasaf team play is good. If the team plays well, they have a chance. But according to the skills of the players, Pakhtakor is stronger. Along with team play, players with high individual skills can also decide the fate of the game. If Cheran plays in the Super Cup, Pakhtakor's chances will be 60/40. Nasaf has a 60/40 chance if Cheran does not play.


- Both Nasaf and Pakhtakor brought new legionnaires in the second round. But so far they are not shining brightly. What can you say about this matter?

- Legionnaire should always be one head ahead of our players. Maybe the legionnaires in these teams are good, it takes time. Adaptation is required. Time will tell.

- Which club will become the champion of Uzbekistan this year?

- I think Pakhtakor will be the champion.


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