A press conference was held on the results of the Dubai Fencing World Cup-2022

Saber player Zukhriddin Kadyrov, who won the first medal of the highest standard for Uzbekistan in this sport, became, without a doubt, a hero of our time, deserved the attention and recognition of thousands and thousands of fans of Uzbek sports. Also at this tournament, Zainab Dayibekova rose to the podium. Today, the NOC held a press conference dedicated to the results achieved by our fencers and the plans that the Federation sets for itself in this discipline. 

The event was attended by the President of the Pan-American Fencing Confederation Vitaly Logvin, Secretary General of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan Gulnara Saidova, head coach of the national team Vladimir Nazlamov, young athletes and media staff. 

At the meeting, Vitaly Logvin emphasized that Uzbek fencing is going through a new stage of development. 

"The huge work carried out in the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan gives its positive results. This is evident from the achievements demonstrated by young Uzbek fencers. Now the turn has come to the adult world Championship and the Olympic Games. According to the results of the competition in the UAE, Uzbekistan took the ninth place. If the Federation continues to work at such a pace, then in the near future it will be able to form a team that will become the main contender for getting into the TOP 3," the foreign specialist, a native of Uzbekistan, said. 

Vladimir Nazlymov also made a bright and motivational speech during the meeting.   

"The real happiness for the father and mother is that the child justifies their trust. This is exactly the kind of happiness experienced by the parents of most of the boys and girls here. I came to Uzbekistan with a serious purpose. Before starting my career, I promised the leadership of the Federation and the President that I would not leave Tashkent until I brought up Olympic medalists. So, I'm not going to leave this country, leaving a bad memory about myself. For good achievements, the best conditions are created for us. We will declare ourselves at the next Olympics," the 3-time Olympic champion said. 

In recent days, a lot of fake information has appeared on social networks, in which it is reported that, allegedly, the prize money awarded to athletes who distinguished themselves at the World Championships in the UAE did not reach their owners. During the conference, Zukhriddin Kadyrov and Zainab Dayibekova officially noted that these rumors are lies, and the allocated funds were credited to their accounts. 

Media representatives also received comprehensive answers to their questions.


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