A conversation with the new legionnaire of FC Andijan about how he was impressed by the atmosphere in the stadium, followed the club's Instagram page and how he arrived

Armin Bosnjak, a new Montenegrin legionnaire of the Andijan team, managed to make his debut in the 15th round of the Super League against FC Surkhon. This player gave his first interview after joining Andijan.

- First of all, welcome to Uzbekistan, including Andijan. This is a new challenge for you in your career. Tell me, what went through your mind when you heard about this offer?

- I have heard about Uzbekistan and its football before. Goron Milojko told me about it. But after coming to Uzbekistan, I am convinced that the people here are wonderful and hospitable, the city is beautiful, and especially the fans of the team are special. They have also been shown to be at a much higher level than European fans. I came to a new club, had my first training session and my debut match. I felt that the team and the championship of Uzbekistan are much stronger.

- Yes, Goron Milojko defended the honor of Andijan last season. Have you known him for a long time? So you consulted him before coming here?

- I have known Goron for five years. We also played together in the European League qualification for two years. So I got a lot of advice from Goron. He told me very good things about the city and the club.


- You made your debut in Andijan. What did you think before you came and what are your conclusions now?

- I live with football. This was one of the main reasons why I chose Uzbekistan. The stadiums, the fans, the games, the training process, in general, everything is at a high level. I have heard it before, players from a number of countries have told. That's why I felt that I can easily play in Uzbekistan.

- You played in the championship in Montenegro. In general, if you dwell on your activities so far...

- Speaking about my last years, I played in the Montenegrin team Ezero. I scored 6 goals and provided 8 assists. Then I started the new season in a new team. It was a new club in Montenegro. I scored there too. Now I am in Andijan.

- You also played in Singapore...

- So, this is not my first club in Asia. Before that, I played for Tampines Rovers in Singapore. The level of the Singapore Championship is good. But the level of the players is much weaker compared to the position of the championship. In addition, in that club I also played in the Asian Champions League. Now I want to achieve similar goals in Andijan.

- You came off the bench in the match against Surkhon. What do you think was missing for victory?

- It's just that there were no goals. Besides, there was no luck. We played well. The level of players is very good.

Bosnian 3

- Did the atmosphere in the stadium surprise you?

- Before I arrived, I saw such atmospheres through the videos on the club's Instagram page. But after I entered the field, I knew that every player feels at a high level in such an environment. The atmosphere in the stadium and the fans are out of the question.

- What is your personal goal in Andijon?

- I try to give my best to the team. If it was a question of goals or assists, I would choose assists. Because no matter what club I played for, I always had more assists than goals. I was always 1st or 2nd in assists in any championship. That's why I like assists more than scoring goals.

- You chose number 94 in Andijan. It must have something to do with the year you were born, right?

- Because I was born in 1994. That's all.


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