The national team of Uzbekistan won 3 medals

Three representatives of the national team of Uzbekistan rose to the podium.

Domestic athlete Zhalgasbai Berdimuratov in the final in the weight category up to 87 kg held an uncompromising struggle for the main trophy of the competition. Unfortunately, he lost to Iranian Nosir Alizadeh with a score of 1:3. Thus Berdimuratov became the owner of the silver medal.

Muminjon Abdullayev (-130 kg) and Jasurbek Ortikboev (-55 kg) also rose to the podium, who won bronze medals.

Ilkhomjon Bahramov (-63 kg) was eliminated at the stage of the fight for the bronze medal, and Aram Vardanyan (-77 kg), having missed an opponent in the first round, ended his participation in this tournament.

Thus, on the first day of the continental championship, the national team of Uzbekistan won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.


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