• 27 Feb 10:39
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Archers of Uzbekistan successfully performed at the Asian Cup stage

In the team event, our girls managed to make it to the finals

  • 19 Feb 13:08
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Dzhaksybayeva is the Asian champion, rapier players were awarded bronze

At the Asian Junior and Youth Championships in Bahrain, the Uzbek national team won another gold.

  • 19 Feb 11:36
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Judoists completed the "Grand Slam" with 3 medals

Judoists completed the "Grand Slam" with 3 medals

  • 06 Feb 13:19
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Uzbekistan fencers win a number of awards at the World Cup stage

The city of Zagreb, Croatia, hosted a competition among foil fencers.

  • 06 Jan 20:22
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Uzbekistan's Paralympians have already won 33 licenses for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

At the moment the total number of licenses is 33.

  • 07 Dec 13:38
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Uzbekistan fencers to take part in tournaments in France and Serbia

It should be noted that Uzbekistan fencers will also take part in these competitions.

  • 20 Nov 14:04
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Uzbekistan's sabre players have once again shown their superiority

In today's team program, our girls performed successfully and overcame all their rivals.

  • 16 Nov 21:15
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Volleyball. Within the framework of the" five initiative Olympics", the regions were informed that the final round of the" minister of internal affairs Cup " competition will be held

You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the regions hosting the tournament through the table below!

  • 01 Nov 21:53
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Multimedalists of the delegation of Uzbekistan at the Para-Asian Games in Hangzhou-2022

we want to introduce you once again to our multimedia athletes who brought the largest number of medals at the Para-Asian Games

  • 16 Oct 14:40
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Fencing.Sherzod Mamutov-winner of the tournament” Satellite"

This result will bring Mamutov valuable points for the rating of the 2024 Olympics in Paris.