• 08 Dec 23:11
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How many prizes do”Navbahor " have?

What are the overall statistics of Navbahor in the national championship?

  • 08 Dec 23:08
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What are the overall statistics of Navbahor in the national championship?

The total points scored by the fourth tier club Nasaf (side) is 1,436.

  • 08 Dec 22:24
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"Football at school" festival was held

As part of the tournament, the student who has demonstrated his talent is to sort out young people and direct them to professional furball activities.

  • 08 Dec 20:46
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The goalkeeper of Sogdiana left the team

Shirinboy Abdullaev has been a worthy defender of the honor of” Sogdiana " since 2012. For 11 years of activity in one club is not observed in a football player much more often. Abdullaev, on the other hand, said goodbye to the club, which remained dear to him. His new team will most likely be known after the new year.

  • 08 Dec 20:18
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Officially! "Neftchi" added a new legoiner to its ranks (photo)

During his football career, he has been capped for Tajik clubs Khojand, Lokomotiv and Istiqlol, as well as for Iranian club Persepolis in 2022. Manuchexr Safarov is a member of the Tajik national teams of all ages and since 2019.

  • 07 Dec 22:03
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Fast! Iskanderov left Navbahor according to journalist Yahyokhoja Ulughajaev, he left the ranks of the "Falcons". It is not clear where the player's next address will be. Now he has offers from foreign and local clubs.

  • 07 Dec 21:48
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The defender of Sogdiana left the team

For reference, the current season Yuldoshev took part in 8 matches in the Super League and one match in the Uzbekistan Cup.

  • 07 Dec 21:46
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The leadership of the Nasaf club is attending an international conference

"Marketing and ticket sales". It is intended to facilitate the preparation of football clubs for the 2024 season and the development of specific plans.

  • 07 Dec 20:19
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The Neftchi are now looking at the most expensive player in the Superleague!

So will Neftchi be able to persuade the leader of Pakhtakor to move into his ranks? It is much more interesting to observe the development of events!

  • 06 Dec 19:28
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Who scored how many goals this year in the ranks of Andijan?

The team's clear scorer this year was undoubtedly Albanian Legionnaire Rubin Hebei. In all, he managed to score 14 goals in the opponents ' goal. And on the Super League scorers list, he was second with 12 goals, behind Dragan Cheran (13).